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Meet the Owners

Ed Wilson & Toni Wilson

When Ed and Toni decided to start a fitness business they knew two things, it was time for a change in their lives and they wanted to help others change their own lives as well.

"If you can change your mind, you can change your body. If you can change your body, you can change your life." That's a quote from Ed in one of the first few conversations about how he would use the opportunity to help others with more than just physical fitness.

They both wear many hats in the business but they work great as a team. Ed handles the training side of everything, including consultations. While Toni handles the back office, facility management, and merchandise.

About Ed

Certified Fitness Trainer | @LordBillboard

I was born and raised in Flint Michigan. I’m what you might call a lifetime athlete. I started playing football at the age of 6 and continued all the way through high school . I ran track and was a member of Flint Northern’s powerlifting team.


I’d like to say I came out of the womb ready to make tackles and break records, but the truth is I was running from sickness. Asthma had a terrible hold on me and it affected everything, not just my ability to play sports, everything. Simply put, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. My father and I began looking for any and everything that was said to help with asthma, that’s how I got into weightlifting, running track and eventually football.


After sports was behind me, I continued to stay in the gym. I always knew working out and staying in shape would be a way of life. Transitioning was more simple that I thought. It's like that when you're called to something. I started looking at fitness as a business it was important for me to learn what actually makes a gym work. In the process of getting where we are today, I worked for LA Fitness and Powerhouse gyms.


I Am My Billboard has grown from a small fitness room in an apartment complex to a fully functioning personal training studio that’s been helping people become their best selves for over a decade!

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About Toni

Queen Supporter | @LadyBillboard

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a Wife and Mom. I didn't see being a business owner in my future. What I did know is I wanted to feel fulfilled, and I wanted that for my husband and kids as well. There is a different level of happiness that comes with feeling like you're serving in your purpose.


So when Ed came to me and told me he wanted to start training after we got married, I was pretty much like "that's interesting, ok." I had no idea what it took to start a business, but I had the internet and some know-how. Long story short, I figured out the logistics and many MANY ups and downs later, we are here, learning, helping and growing. It's been beautiful!


I'm also very handy and enjoy tinkering so I was also able to visualize and head the gym renovation. Majority of the work we've done to the studio was done by my hand, literally.

I'm truly a servant at heart so "Queen Supporter" is very fitting. I enjoy encouraging and helping people do things they want to do. Seeing other people excited about achieving their goals is motivating to me!

My role here, essentially, is to support my husband and make things as easy for him as I can. And as a result, I'm able to get fulfillment from doing one of the things I truly enjoy, helping others!

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