Overall, I Am My Billboard® is a lifestyle brand. 


Like a billboard that advertises movies, products or services, so does your life advertise your choices, skillsets, passions, loves, ambitions and so on. We are billboards. We are walking advertisements for the lives we live. This begs the question, “what do people see when they see you?”


Our lives are platforms from which we can teach, encourage and inspire. I Am My Billboard® is the theme for people who know who they are. It's a mindset that will never quit or make excuses. It's an anthem for people who are vigorously building their legacy and maximizing the life they’ve been given.


We've expanded our brand into apparel that serves as a comfortable reminder that you are on display. "What do I want people to see and remember about me?" You are your Billboard. No one can be you, for you.


Our ultimate goal is to build our dream facility right here in our hometown of Flint, Michigan. We have travelled the country and been in gyms everywhere. For us, we don't want to leave and see better gyms elsewhere. We want it right here, at home. We've envisioned a facility with state of the art equipment where residents of Flint and surrounding areas can come into an energetic atmosphere as a family, with a knowledgable friendly staff, experienced trainers and nutritionists, classes for all ages, sports training for students, and of course great equipment. We wake up every day, focused on that goal.


We are all walking advertisements for the life we live. What do people see when they see you?